CPS promotes research on recurring seasonal phenomena and builds a platform for an inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue between researchers and users of phenology.more

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On the KPS

Margriten Südamerika KPS

The Commission for Phenology and Seasonality (KPS) provides a platform for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary dialogue between all interested branches in the field of Phenological science.

The KPS is a member of the Platform Geosciences of SCNAT.

Our responsibilities:

Promotion of research:

A broadly supported network

  • We support observation networks and their operators
    →The CPS supports the citizen science project www.phaenonet.ch
  • We are dedicated to embedding phenological amateur observers in the scientific environment and are involved in the training of new observers.
    → A Phenology Day is held every year.


  • We encourage the exchange between science and the public
    → We run the thematic portal "Seasons", where interested parties can inform themselves about the research branch of phenology.
  • We cultivate contacts to international institutions

Support of young people

  • We support geoscientific education at pedagogical colleges and schools of all grades
  • We provide information about the range of studies and training in the field of phenology
  • We support the participation in lectures, internships, field experiments, summer schools and scientific conferences, especially for young researchers.

Expert council

  • We answer general questions in the field of phenology. For this purpose, the KPS maintains a list of experts that can inform media professionals, politicians and administrators.

    Please consult our online list or contact us at .